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Nursing Care

With nonstop development from our specific specialists, our accomplished and enrolled medical attendants work on furnishing the patient with the required and recommended care that will be accounted for to the patients’ unique specialist on a week-by-week premise.

Elderly Care

Since we love our elderly, we mean to enhance the personal satisfaction of our patients in the solace of their own homes. In which through this, we can reduce the pressure and nervousness, and anxieties that your loved ones are facing.

Our training medical caretakers are devoted to assisting you and your elderly with regular errands like nutrition and personal hygiene, mobility aid, bedsore prevention, and all type of health care.

Medical Consultation

Through finding some difficulties in reaching out to a doctor’s office, the solution would be grabbing the doctor to your home in the availability of 24\7. By this process, you will be provided with suitable health care and comfortable consultation. However, you won’t be costed for transportation, and you will have less chance to catch another disease. As this is what we are aiming for.

Physical Therapy

The advantage of getting treatment in the solace of your own home can’t be downplayed. In your own home, you are in a natural climate and subsequently, you are at your generally agreeable and relaxed. The additional comfort that is conceivable while accepting in-home physiotherapy can upgrade treatment since you are in a considerably more loosened upstate. It has likewise been shown that the disposal of interruptions prompts more engaged treatment.

Laboratory Test Units

Services allowed to patients presenting difficulties in moving or going out to hospitals or laboratories to draw blood or conduct tests.

Our registered nurses are at your service at any time to withdraw your blood samples according to your physician’s order, at your home. Moreover, your results will be delivered to you while maintaining the confidentiality of the content.

Test Types

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • Culture swab
  • PCR

Speech Therapy

Numerous individuals in recuperation have gone through weeks or months in emergency clinics and are thrilled to get back home. Others might not have been hospitalized yet don’t have a method for transportation to outpatient administration offices. In any case, others are homebound, getting all consideration in their home. In our program, it is as yet conceivable to get top-caliber, proof-based discourse language, gulping, or psychological informative treatment at home.

Pediatric Care

Our Pediatricians are specialists in medical science concerned with the physical, mental, and social health of children from birth to young adulthood. Pediatric care encompasses a broad spectrum of health services ranging from preventive health care to the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases.

Pediatric Care Services

  • Infant Teaching
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • occupational Therapy

Dietary Consultation

Our Nutritionists evaluates clients’ needs to identify their dietary requirements and restrictions. They use their expert knowledge of nutrition and food to help others make better healthy food choices. Their duties include creating meal plans, training the public, and establishing goals.

Medical Equipment

We offer all the fundamental clinical equipment to our customers at reasonable costs to help you, your friends, and family stay protected and free in your own home.

COVID-19 Care

Home Covid-19 Care to relieve the pressure on hospitals in these difficult times, and stop the spread of the virus among family members at the same time, by taking over the care part.

Providing all medical services that you need in COVID-19.

COVID-19 Care Services

  • Doctor visits
  • Nursing
  • Staff 24 hours
  • IV, PCR …
  • Health checkups
  • Respirators & Oxygenators…


Sanitization is a process that aims at killing and eradicating the bacteria, germs, pathogenic, and non-pathogenic microorganisms that grow on various surface tops. Now, this is a process that can be done with the use of a large number of products and chemicals…


Sterilization refers to any process that removes, kills, or deactivates all forms of life and other biological agents like prions present in a specific surface, object or fluid, for example food or biological culture media.

Babysitting Services

Our Babysitters  take full responsibility for the health and welfare of children when their parents are away. Sitters are entrusted with every aspect of childcare from meals to hygiene to educational activities. Other important duties include discipline and keeping records of children’s daily activities.

The Babysitter's Responsibilities

  • Observe and monitor the children and help them with homework.
  • Dress children, change diapers and clean and bather them.
  • Communicate with children’s parents or guardians about daily activities, behaviors, and related issues.
  • Assist in preparing food and serving meals and refreshments to children.

Personal Care Planning

Good assistants give a better life. You can get very experienced assistants through us, we can also give you financial compensation for arranging assistants yourself. You can also keep your assistants.

Personal Assistance Responsibilities

  • Ensure patients  receive their medication on time
  • Support patients who can’t move on their own
  • Help clients dress, bathe, eat etc.
  • Assist patients with physical therapy exercises
  • Provide emotional support
  • Inform physicians or supervisors about uncommon events
  • Act quickly and responsibly in cases of emergency
  • Assist patients in wheelchair, and handle assistive tools…

Psychological Therapy Services

We provide psychological counseling for adults, teenagers and children. Our counselors are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists , marriage and family therapists , clinical social workers , or licensed professional counselors. Our counselors are ready at any time to guide you.

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